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Every year our blogs grow with both content and visitors. In the past year we have reached hundreds of thousands of readers. Most people find us through search engines and social media thanks to our strategic job of optimizing our content for the search engines.

We put a lot of focus on getting easy-to-read texts with wonderful pictures from our travels and from the kitchen, but also completely ordinary posts about our lives in general. We like the mix and we think our readers appreciate the personal part of our blogs as well.

Work with us

We are open to collaborations of various kinds, both in terms of press trips, events and editorial content on our blogs. Contact us today at and tell us more about your projects!

Sydney hel- och halvmaraton


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Annual statistics | 150k unique visitors • 230k page views • 80% organic traffic • 60/40% female/male • 25-44y

With over 150K unique visitors and 230K page views in the past year, this is one of Sweden's largest and most popular travel blogs. Hiking in the wilderness, first-class train journeys and guides to Scandinavia's highest mountain peaks are among the most read posts. Even the personal texts and the blog's beautiful pictures are often highlighted as something unique.

Maria på vandring


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Annual statistics | 100k unique visitors • 200k page views • 80% organic traffic • 90/10% female/male • 25-44y

The blog was founded in 2016 as a recipe archive but soon developed into a well-visited food blog, with an ever-increasing number of visitors each year. Maria publishes new content every day and varies from simple dishes for everyday life to exciting appetizers, dinners and colorful drinks for the weekend parties. She also blogs about travel, restaurant visits and training.

Restaurang i Bangkok

All in all 430k views!

All in all, this means that Maria's Mat and Flying Dryden in the past year has attracted 230,000 unique visitors and had 430,000 page views, four fifths of which are about organic traffic.

We continue our work to write interesting reports, exciting recipes and personal posts, all together with fantastic photos. We do it because we are passionate about our hobbies but also to tell others about beautiful places, unique dining experiences both in our own kitchen and in restaurants around the world.